Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life<3

  Well, here we go into the wonderful world of blogging. Something so foreign to me, being that I'm completely computer illiterate, I thought lets try something out of my comfort zone. Here is my life in a nutshell...
Karson and I watching the Christmas parade

  I am a wife, mother, and hairstylist. I'm one of those lucky ones that gets to do what I enjoy on a daily basis. Yes, I will admit, there are times I would rather sit at home with my baby boy like any other mother, but for the most part, my job is who I am, it's my talent and my passion. My husband is one of a kind. Once you know him, you fall in love with his goofy personality. Our son is our world. He was the result of an EF5 tornado in my small hometown of Joplin, Mo. He is our reminder that good things come out of the bad.
This is my wonderful husband and best friend.

  We have two dogs. Both are characters, neither care too much for their new baby brother, but life goes on right? No one is going anywhere, so they are forced to get along;) I'm sure the more I blog, the more you will hear of the stunts these two pull in our everyday life. Elvis is the mastermind behind it all and Patches is the follower.
This is Elvis. We practiced this pose for awhile. He may look happy, but he wasn't.

Don't let these two fool you, Karson is holding a waffle.
 Stay tuned for a fabulous 1st bday party, house hunting/building, and adventures in raising a toddler.
Welcome to our life;)

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