Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The REAL bday is here!!!

We started our day out by eating our favorite breakfast, scrambled eggs with cheese, but today is special, so mom and dad put a candle in them and sang Happy Birthday;)

Our Favorite Foods are: Eggs (of course), dog food (when momma isn't looking), applesauce, and really anything we can put in our mouths;)

We spent our day playing with our basketball and basket, he can put the ball through the hoop, then a fun-filled afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. Nana and Papa came, daddy, Landon, Heather, and Jagger.

Loved the cheese pizza, momma thinks it has improved over the years;)

Loved The Mouse!! And loves his best friend Jagger.

Hated the car ride, but momma and daddy thought it was a cute photo opp;)

BFF Jagger
Momma being silly!!

He even scored this awesome tshirt for his birthday!

Some of Karson's favorite things:
Mirrors, songs (specifically: Wagon Wheel, and Father Abraham), anything that makes noise, baths, throwing things, pulling hair, head butting;), hats, eating and playing with dirt, the dogs (they still don't like him), family, strangers (not sure how I feel about that one yet), going jogging with mom, and last but not least, ceiling fans!!

Hope you all enjoyed sharing in our birthday fun! Now it's getting closer to bedtime!!! ;)

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