Saturday, March 16, 2013

Play Date!!

We had SO much fun on our play date to House of Bounce on monday with our friends.  It only proved what I have noticed more and more lately, Karson is ALL boy. We need to work on the hair pulling and sharing, that is a FACT. Other than that, WHAT A BLAST;)

Then wed., we got to play with our cousin Zeppelin. Again, we need to work on being the "bully." Karson hasn't learned "gentle" and loves to pull hair and grab.


  1. You got some awesome pictures at the bounce house!!
    Every time we drive by now Abigail says, "There is the bouncy house!"

    My baby looks so huge compared to H and K *sniffle sniffle*

    1. She's such a little girl now! We had lots of fun. Must do it again soon!!!