Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter weekend!

We began our fun-filled weekend with visiting the bunny:) my husband and I were a bit skeptical on how this would go. He would either be scared (which I didn't think was possible considering he wanted chuckee from the cheese to pick him up) or he would head butt and pull the hair. To our surprise, he sat there with a confused look in his face. He did a little hair tugging at the paws, but no head butt, no ripping the ears off. We were relieved:)
We also made a cake. The little stinker somehow stole the cool whip off the counter and quietly consumed half, while standing under our counter. As we were frantically looking everywhere for it, I happened to peak under, and there he was, caught red handed!
We had a WONDERFUL church service and egg hunt at our house. Our first year to host Easter, and it was a success:)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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